DIMS Institute of Hotel Management: Essence

What is the ultimate purpose of pursuing any course of study in life? To put it in simple and candid terms, it is ‘gain’ and to be more precise, it is monetary gain, a stable and respectable career, a bright future. So why not undertake a course of study that guarantees the above ultimate purpose? DIMS Institute of Hotel Management offers you the floor to make an auspicious beginning towards your career.

A frequent problem that creates obstacle in the in the career path of many of the students hailing from humble economic background is ‘Money’. DIMS believe that ‘Money’ should not be a deterrent in the path of progression. Keeping this in view, DIMS facilitates learning and training in the best feasible manner, making it easier even for middle class families.

The previous records of the institute assert that a candidate studying at DIMS needn’t wander in search of a job. His Job Placement is confirmed before he completes the course of study and to more straightforward; the job comes to the candidate and not the candidate, to the job.

One of the striking features that we heartily cherish is the training and placement of the candidates both at National and International levels. Student exchange program facilitating one year study at DIMS and completing the higher studies abroad is much liked and appreciated by our candidates.



After thirty two years of experience in the field of education, this is my adventurous venture to harmonize education with career. Job must search the student and not vice-versa.