DIMS concentrates not only on the professional and classroom training but equally on the extracurricular activities. With the advancements in every sphere of life, it is highly significant that a candidate is shaped holistically. Apart from studies, to boost the overall growth of students, DIMS organizes sufficient extracurricular activities both indoor and outdoor. The extracurricular activities along with regular classroom teaching provide enough opportunities to have fun and enjoyment leading to learning of various skills. These activities are the desirable occasions to warding off mundane monotony of diurnal life. Thus the amalgamation of learning and enjoyment offers moments of physical and psychological rejuvenation. All these activities are largely beneficial for the overall personality development of the students. The extracurricular activities include all the following:

Cultural programs
In a culturally prosperous and varied country like India where culture and traditions play a vital role in shaping the life of people, it is unfair and illogical to keep the cultural activities out of the reach of the students. Cultural programs and performances organized off and on are the attractions for not only the students but the parents as well. Different types of dances, skits, dramas, musical programs and many other stage performances are organized periodically. This offers the opportunity to the students to overcome stage fear and develop self-confidence. These stage performances are often organized in the form of solo and group performances.
Indoor & Outdoor Sports
Healthy mind dwells in healthy body. Keeping in view the physical and mental well being of the students, various indoor and outdoor sports activities are organized with intermittent intervals. Indoor games include Table Tennis, Snooker, chess etc. The Outdoor games include volleyball, basketball, football, tennis, badminton, cricket, kabbadi, kho-kho etc. Both individual and group matches are organized as per the suitability of the sports. As it is a clear fact that the industry requires not only the individual efficiency but the group-work and team-spirit as well equally, these sports activities are conducive to holistic growth of the candidates. The tournaments avail the opportunities where the students can learn working as individual and in group as well.
Personality Development Sessions
Personality traits and personal impressions always walk side by side with every human being. And when it comes to Hospitality Industry, the personality of a candidate or an employee matters more than that in the other fields. To push the students towards overall perfection, the personality aspects are sincerely taken care. Regular sessions are held for the students desirous to improve their personality aspects. Such sessions equally emphasize the practical and theoretical activities of self introspection and stimulation of positive qualities of the students. The sessions are very much helpful to the students to identify their shortcomings and strength and thus the students have sufficient platform to sharpen their positive edges.
In this highly competitive age it is necessary that the students learn the tricks and tact of undergoing the competitive ways. To inculcate the sense of competitive hardships such programs and performances are of great help. Different competitions like quiz, skit, public speaking, elocution, extempore etc. are the programs at DIMS that are participated with much vigor. Along with the enlargement of the horizon of knowledge, the students are benefitted in terms of self expressive skills, public speaking, interpersonal skills and self confidence which are the essential elements in shaping the career as leaders and managers in the industry.
Educational Tour
Since the inception of the institute, Educational Tour and Excursion have been one of the regular activities of the college. Every year the itinerary is set in such a way that the students learn different things and visit the different tourist spots. Nearly a week long educational tours practically bring the students face to face with the various aspects of hospitality industry. Staying at different venues and hotels, observing the aspects and prospects of tourism in tourist destinations, positive and negative aspects of the ongoing activities related to hospitality and tourism are such lesions that the students learn without even realizing that they are learning it.
Industrial Visit
Out of many outdoor extracurricular activities, industrial visit weighs a lot. The newly joined students may not be fully aware of the hotels and may get confused with the initial theoretical lessons and particularly the students coming from the rural backgrounds may have never visited a five star hotel. To induce deeper understanding about the hospitality industry it is one of the best ways to get acquainted with the hospitality industry. The industrial visit is facilitated in groups led by a faculty member of the college. The faculty takes full responsibility to make the visit a fruitful one. The professionals working in the hotels are also appointed to provide the required information and knowledge to the students during the visit.
Outdoor Catering Services
Outdoor Catering Services are the unique opportunities for the students. During the industrial visit and tour the students simply observe the things whereas during the Outdoor Catering Service the students are directly involved in the service to the guests. Under the supervision and guidance of the senior professionals these ODCs proved to be much beneficial for the students from learning viewpoints.
For each ODC the students are provided certain amount of remuneration and this proves to be of great assistance to the students in paying for their different expense. The students coming from the humble economic backgrounds are much benefitted by ODCs. Nearly more half the amount of their college fee they can cover through the ODC earnings. To facilitate learning through the medium of ODCs the institute duly coordinates with the hotels and organizations conduction ODCs. The refreshment, transportation and other emergencies are looked after by the college so that the students don’t miss this fruitful learning opportunities.
Practical competitions
Periodically, we conduct various Practical Competitions such as Mock Tail Preparation, Bed Making, Flower Arrangement, Baking, Carving, Cutting & Chopping, Cooking, Mock Interviews, Public Speaking, and many more. This is one the best ways for us to encourage the students and provide the opportunity to show and improve their practical skills.
Mock Interviews
We not only conduct the Mock Interviews, but we go a step ahead. We record the mock interview several times and let the students analyze their performance by watching the audiovisual of it. After each recording, we guide the students to improve the positive aspects and get rid of the errors. The students can thus learn overcoming their shortcomings.
Alumni Interactions
From time to time, the interactive sessions with alumni are organized. Such sessions are educative in the sense that the alumni share their experience. Explaining the requirements and issues of the industry, they illuminate the possible solutions and encourage the students prepare themselves for the industry in the best suitable manner. In this, special preference is given to the alumni working overseas. The students desiring to join the industry in the near future, or planning to go overseas for studies, training, and job etc can clear their doubts and curiosity through such sessions.
HR Director/Manager Interactions
What kind of knowledge and skills are expected from the candidates desiring to join the industry? Well, this can be best explained by the Human Resource Directors or Managers dealing with the recruitment. And, it is for this reason that we periodically invite the HR Directors and Managers to deliver lectures and conduct interactive sessions with the students.
Interactions and practical sessions by Professionals
Inviting the celebrity chefs from the hospitality organizations for conducting lectures and practical classes has been our tradition since the inception of the institute. From time to time, we invite chefs and managers from all four major departments and organize theory as well as practical sessions.
Interactions with overseas representatives
We organize the interactive sessions with the overseas representatives from the hospitality industry as well as the academic institutes. These sessions prove to be highly productive as many of the students desire to go overseas for their studies, training, and job etc. Also, we provide the students to communicate with the overseas representatives online and through phones.