Don’t get carried away by the alluring ads and words!

Had the advertisements of the skin fairness creams been as truthful as they claim, the entire race of the people with dark skin complexion would have vanished from the planet? With a huge array of weight loss products available, no man in the world would have been overweight. The charismatic weight loss products (as the advertisements claim) would have eliminated the gyms across the globe. So, be careful when you see an advertisement. Don’t get carried away by what you see and hear. And, if you are looking forward to taking admission an institute/college for taking admission in Hotel Management course, make a thorough research before you take the final decision.

“Our students get the job placement with the remuneration of Rs. 35000 (Thirty-Five Thousand) or 25, 000 a month.” You may hear the counselor of a Management Institute say so when you visit the institutes for making enquiries. Ask anyone working in any Five Star Hotels in India and the reality will be out before your eyes. You will get a good salary, even much more than that is mentioned above; but not from the very first month of your joining. It will take time. You will be able to draw a handsome salary only when you grow in the industry. For sure, you will not get that high salary in any Five Star hotels in India as a fresher. So, weigh the words before you believe them.

‘We send our ALL the desiring candidates to overseas for jobs after the completion of their studies.’ This may sound incredibly amazing and you may start imagining yourself before the ‘White House’ with the President of the United States welcoming you with a warm smile. Hold on for a moment! Just talk to a few alumni of the hotel management institute and the truth will be on the tray. It is possible to go overseas, but you need to make yourself capable of doing this. It isn’t as easy as you hear a counselor saying this during the enquiry.

The field of education has become a commercial activity. Don’t just believe what you are told during an enquiry. Many of the institutes may try to convince you by showing the BIG dreams.

Don’t get tempted by the deceptive advertisements. The sweetened words may allure you, so, beware. Talk to the students studying there. Meet the alumni of the institute/college. Also, you can carry out a brief research and find out what the client say about a particular institute. Perhaps, this will help you choose the right hotel management institute and enjoy a bright career.


Ashvini Dixit
General Manager & Educationist

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