Hospitality Management – career opportunities beyond hospitality industry

Would you like to switch to some other field after working for some years in the hospitality related industries? Well, here too, you have immense opportunities. Besides, hotels, tourism, airlines, cruise ships, corporate, and various hospitality related industries, there are also other alternatives for the hospitality professionals. The career opportunities are unending.

Are you interested in teaching or imparting education? Well, you can readily become a faculty/principal or the Head of Department in a hospitality related college/university after working and acquiring experience in the hotels/hospitality industry.

If you are a food connoisseur, you can become a food critic. As a food critic, you can contribute a lot towards enhancing the taste and quality of foods. And, perhaps, this is one of the noblest things one can do on earth.

Once you acquire sufficient experience in the hospitality industry, you have all the freedom and power to become an entrepreneur. You can start a new venture by opening a hotel, restaurant, travel agency, private catering business, health club, or an event management firm etc.

You can choose to become an administrative head in any organization. If you love human resource management, you have all the ability and flexibility to become a Human Resource Manager at a firm. And, if you like, you can become a full-time travel guide.

If you like visiting new places, you can become a travel blogger and earn handsomely.


Ravi H.Shah
Entrepreneur & Educationist

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