Hotel Management Studies – Unending Career Opportunities

What are the opportunities after degree or diploma in Hotel/hospitality Management? In the minds of the prospective aspirants, the question keeps reverberating. For the parents, it becomes a matter of core concern. The people well familiar with the hotel management may find this question quite an obsolete and even ridiculous one, but it still holds great interest for many. Really speaking, the career opportunities for hotel management graduates or diploma holders aren’t confined to any specific field. Though the list of the opportunities is almost endless lengthy, you can see some prominent industries below:

  • Hotels Industry: It includes the hotels, restaurants, multiplexes, outdoor caterings, conventional centers, resorts, clubs, guest houses, and motels etc.
  • Tourism Industry: Whether you desire to work in with a travel agency or dream of being an entrepreneur, hotel management course would enable you to do so without a doubt. You can be a Tour Escort yourself or initiate an Escort Firm. Moreover, the fields of Tour Operation, Event Management, Travel Desk in Star Hotels, and National & State Tourism Management etc all are at your closest reach as career preferences.
  • Transport industry: If you desire to work with the Airlines, Railways, Cruise Lines, Shipping, and Roadways etc; Hotel/Hospitality Management course would render you the ticket.
  • Catering: Whether it is the Fast Food, Food Court, the Armed Forces, Licensed Trade, Institutional, Industrial, Offshore, Remote Site, or any other place where catering exists; you have a job opportunity as a hotel management graduate or a diploma
  • Miscellaneous: Other fields of employment encompass Hospitals, Bakery & Confectionary, Banks, BPS, Retail, Corporate Houses, Telecom Companies, and the Leisure Attraction etc. Also, you can become an entrepreneur in any of the mentioned fields.

The list of the career opportunities does not end here. The job opportunities are almost endless. Moreover, the opportunities aren’t confined to a particular region. Wherever you go in the world, as a hotel management graduate or diploma holder; the job or career opportunities will always be at the finger-reach distance.


Arin Veronica Dukatia
Professional Hotelier

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