Need of communication skills – Cooking and garnishing delicious dishes with words

How nice it feels to dream of being a Celebrity Chef! With cookery shows being aired regularly on televisions across the globe, thousands of youngsters appear opting for the food industry and build their career as chefs. Though, it isn’t impossible, it does require some sincere efforts. Becoming an executive or a celebrity chef isn’t easy. Along with a firm determination, it also calls for persistent efforts and curiosity to learn more and more. It is a long path beginning from the home kitchen to classroom and from practical labs to the huge hotel kitchens.

For achieving success as a chef, you need to possess a fairly good amount of theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Undergoing the training at a reputed hospitality institute can create a firm base for you. Again, starting your career with an esteemed hospitality organization can add considerable weight to your Curriculum Vitae. Once you have these two things – the world of opportunities is open to you like an unending horizon.

Do communication skills really matter if you are a chef preparing the dishes in the corner of the hotel kitchen? Well, there is no-where where communication skill doesn’t matter. Do you think a well known company will hire you without interviewing? In fact, before you start chopping the vegetables and stirring the ingredients; what you need is to cook and garnish delicious dishes just with the words. Yes, you need to perform well in the interview, and without communication skills, you cannot think of riding the horse of success.

So start improving your communication here and now!


Avinash Thapaaa

Chef & Entrepreneur


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