Personal Skills and Attributes of F&B Candidate

It is so often forgotten that the waiter is also part of the entire meal experience. One should remember that the product of the food and beverage operations depends greatly on the competence of the staff members selling, presenting and clearing the food was drinks from the table. The fact that the dinners look dazzling and that the food was plated so well by the kitchen and that the restaurant is beautiful, helps nothing if food is bluntly placed on a table with no service etiquette of staff and personality that goes with it. The contrary is also said to be true, that a well-groomed waiter/waitress can also make up for poor meals and general dining experience.

Knowledge of food and drinks

Service staff should have sufficient knowledge of all the items on the menu and wine list to advise and offer suggestions to customers. Furthermore, they must know how to serve correctly each dish on the menu, what its accompaniments are, the correct cover, the make-up of the dish, preparation methods and plating styles. It is crucial to serving beverages at the appropriate temperatures.


Being late for your shift shows a definite lack of interest and respect to management and guests and service staff should at all-time be on time.


Even-tempered staff who are tactful, friendly, courteous and good-humored make the best team players in the food and beverage industry. They must be well-spoken because as an alternative to a menu, they also act as a selling aid to guests.

Attitude towards customers and complaints

Customer’s needs and expectations should at all times be met. It is very important to ensure that the staffs treat even the most difficult customers with respect. Difficult customers may not necessarily be “difficult”, but maybe uneasy and uncertain about how they need to conduct themselves.

Customers should never be argued with as doing this only aggravates them more.

Customers that complain should be handled especially carefully and with tact and courtesy. Should a staff member feel that he or she cannot meet the needs of the customer, or that they are uncomfortable in handling the situation, a manager or supervisor needs to be called to resolve the matter.

Sense of willingness and urgency

As previously mentioned, sales staff need to act with a matter of urgency and willingness towards the food and beverage outlet as well as towards customers. This will ensure that the company will be able to send out satisfied customers and will also have a good return rate of guests and a higher net profit.

Honesty and Loyalty

Staff should at all times be loyal to first the company and secondly the guest. By acting honestly, they will build up trust not only from management and staff but also from the customers.

Present ability

Watering staff should at all times be presentable and dressed according to the standards of the establishment. No exceptions should be made to the dress code as this will create the opportunity for staff to change their uniforms according to their liking and not to the standard of the establishment.

Never do the following:

  1. Lose your temper at the customer. They may be difficult but you have to maintain your seniority over them.
  2. Do not take the complaint as a personal insult or reflection on your direct work.
  3. Do not blame another department.
  4. Argue with the guest. This will aggravate him/her more and lead to another argument.



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