What do the employers/interviewers look for in a candidate?

Has there been a moment when you sat for an interview and felt your heart throbbing unusually faster? Well, there is nothing unusual so don’t worry. Fear of the interview is quite natural, and it takes time to overcome it. The change in the pitch of the voice, words and thoughts vanishing from the mind, uncontrollably trembling feet, drops of sweat trickling down even while sitting in the AC room, unconscious and unintentional scratching of nose & ear – and many more- such things happen during the interview.

Is there a way to overcome this interview anxiety or phobia? Well, something that you need to gain is the confidence. And, this does not come in a day. Practice and experience, both play a vital role in building up the confidence. Moreover, you cannot think of being confident unless you possess fairly good knowledge of the subject. Again, the guidance of the right mentor is required. Learning the basics of interview and the interview etiquettes is indispensable.

Oftentimes, the people either undermine or are unfamiliar with the significance of the glimpse of energy and enthusiasm in your entire self. Why should an employer hire you? Well, obviously, you may say that you have the knowledge, experience, and skills to perform the task. But the interviewer knows that despite all these you cannot perform as per expectation, or beyond, as you are not enthusiastic and energetic.

On the other hand, if you are able to show enthusiasm full of energy, the interview would know that you can learn and perform well even if you have limited knowledge, experience, and skills. So, now you understand why you should make the energy and enthusiasm visible to the interviewer, besides your knowledge and experience.


Sherry Pereira
Human Resource Director

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